Желчеотделение and желчевыделение amplify at stimulation of parasympathetic fibres and decrease - at irritation sympathetic. Stimulation of parasympathetic nervous fibres causes reduction of a body of a gall bladder and a relaxation сфинктера, as a result bile is allocated in a duodenal gut. The irritation of sympathetic nerves reduces сфинктер and weakens a gall bladder body - the gall bladder is not emptied. Reflex changes желчеобразования and желчевыделения are observed at irritation интерорецепторов a digestive path, and also at conditioned-reflex influences. Ekstraktivnye substances of food, glucose, пептиды, some amino acids strengthen reductions of fibers. Sour contents of a stomach promote formation in a small intestine of a special hormone - вилликинина, reduction of fibers stimulating through a blood-groove.

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